Saturday, 31 May 2008

Felt for thought

Well iv sproused up my blog a bit with an etsy mini with all my latest products, a list of links to the blogs i have been featured on, and a little counter at the i suppose i better start spreading the word of my blog !

I am a big lover of play food but not such a lover of heaps of manufactured plastic which is why felt play food is one of my favorite things on etsy just now. I love this fruit selection and the best part is its a pattern so you can create it yourself ! the same site also do a selection of veg !

you can get them from umecrafts

If your not up for making them yourself then theres plenty more felt foods out there, like this cute little apple from mytouchofaloha . Apples are really popular in the crafty world just now as are owls, its so strange how things sort of take off like that.

And these lovely cakes just make me hungry !

Goldilocks Barrettes Lupin

If felt is not your thing theres other materials out there like this crochet mallow, how cute ! from EternalSunshine

Theres all sorts of food on etsy from mostachioed oranges...


to this amazing full fish dinner from mclean2612

and i know ts not food, but this little guy is so unbelievably cute !

from littlegreengiraffe

Its my nieces birthday in october but i will definately making a few felt food purchases for her...well for me ;)

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Mixing it up

hello, so it turns out im not so good at this blogging malarky as my crafting partner, Feel fuzzy ( lucky for me some other folk are ! I was featured on Crafterbation a few weeks ago and the very next day someone bought the belt buckle they featured ! You can check the post out here:

and my newest mixtape buckle here:

and heres a few pictures of some other buckles I am punting just now ;)
I am going to start selling my buckles with the belts because i think thats the main thing putting folk off...