Sunday, 1 June 2008

made in the shade

As i mentioned before feel fuzzy and i attended made in the shade in the lighthouse in glasgow a wee while back. This was our second craft fair, the first one being at morningside with edinburgh craft fair (as mentioned below). It went really well and the place was super busy all day. Here are some pictures of the day, most of my things are on the right are feel fuzzys is on the left. Thats her in the first pic :)

My brand spankin new ZX Spectrum rings sold best, folk were loving them so i have put one up on my etsy site. Its had a bit of interest and one heart but i think things sell differently online and in real life...

My canvases don't get much interest at all in real life but online they are doing really well. Suppose its just a completely different audience. Well thats enough about me. I have decided since there is so much amazing creative stuff on etsy I will feature some things i am loving from there when i don't worry this blog wont be so egocentric !!

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feelfuzzy said...

i look so happy being a craft fair stall holder :)