Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The missing link

Hello blog fans ! Well as promised this entry is less egocentric (i have loads of blogs about my new items and plans on the way ;)). But for right now i thought id share some of my favorite sites with you. I'm sure some of you will know about a lot of these but maybe just one will stand out and give you something to do for the next few minutes :)

Ok this first one is a given, but i still think postsecret is worth a mention, new secrets are uploaded every sunday, and for those of you who are still in the dark ... PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously. It gives for some really interesting/ emotional reading and the designs of most of the postcards are magnificent. Well worth a look

The next site i am going to recommend is woostercollective if you like street art and graffiti then this is an ace site for you. They post fairly regularly with some of the worlds best street art. I absolutely love graffiti and tend to notice it on the streets more than others. I used to make my own stencils and spraying them on an old trash can is one of the best things iv ever done ! might get some more on the go soon :)

Numer 3 Instructables how toos for just about anything in the whole wide world.

still with me ? if you haven't disappeared off to look through a years worth of graffiti posts then my next recommendation is gumtree depending on where you live this site can be a real source of information, from freecycle, where people give away free things to save from throwing them out, to the community pages, which tell you everything from local car boot sales to upcoming events in your area, this site is great ! I also currently check it every day to see if i can get myself a job !

Ok and now for something completely different ! well maybe not, but im hoping you won't have heard of this one. Itsnicethat is an excellent site which posts up to 10 new arty links a day. Most of there posts are about up and coming artists so this is a great opportunity to hear about newbies first.

and last but not least zaxart Zak Smith uploads one picture from his sketchbook everyday, his life drawings are great so really worth having a peek at :)

I'll leave you with those for now, im planning on posting some pictures of my new ideas soon so keep your eyes peeled !

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