Thursday, 5 June 2008

fruits of my labour !

A few days ago i featured some lovely folks from etsy who make felt foods and so forth. Well umecrafts was kind enough to send me the pattern for the plate of fruit i featured ! I was so excited i headed straight to the felt shop and got myself some supplies. Now apart from a few attempts at fashion creations and the odd phone cover iv not really sewn much but i was up for the challenge. I ended up getting really into it and i have now completed everything except the orange ! (im working on it but i thought id just post these guys up now).

What do you think ? It was a lot of fun and i'd recommend you try it !

I over estimated my felt supplies and now i have a tonne of felt im thinking i might just try and create my own little inspired by some of these great creations:

Such a great design, from Ultrapunch i really love his little teeth :)
I also love this Monsicle by hungrylikewolf great idea :)

and this is Clarice and Clement, the one on the right looks a bit scared but they are monsters in love so would make a great gift for your significant other ! i found them in monda's shop

And last but not least, this one is a fantastic colour and i really love her facial expression, you can get hold of her at My Little Ooga Booga.

im thinking im being a bit ambitious here but i might just start drawing out some ideas and see where it goes from there !

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Larissa Holland said...

cute felties! thanks for sharing. and same to you, re: your cool blog.